Brackets is a lightweight yet powerful text editor that has been specifically designed for working in CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It’s an open-source software developed by Adobe Systems and currently maintained on GitHub. It also supports the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro models. This allows you to instantly switch between pixel-perfect preview and editor, open web inspector, jump to a line, and insert hex color using a color picker on the bar. Although TextMate has starting to show its age and gradually falling behind competitors in terms of advanced features, it’s lightweight footprint makes it extremely fast to load and use.

With Notepad++ you can open huge text files – the ones that will crash Notepad or Microsoft Word in Windows. It also supports numerous plug-ins for multiple editing and formatting purposes – my favorite is the JSON formatting plug-in. I found out that using Dictation significantly increases your throughput and it’s a perfect way to add quick notes. By default, save dialog box opens in a reduced form which has limited folder selection capabilities. To open a full form click on a button which looks like a down arrow next to the destination folder. In the full form, you can browse to another destination or even create a new folder before saving the file.

How can I download Notepad++?

You’ve migrated an existing website from one hosting to another. You want to preview how the migrated website works on the new hosting before you close your previous hosting account. So, you don’t want to connect your domain to the new hosting yet, but you need to preview how the website loads from the new hosting. Translation layer from windows API to your used operating system API. Best of all, DEVONnote is completely free and can be downloaded here.

  • This application supports working for more than 1 file in a single window.
  • The hosts file bypasses the standard Domain Name Server lookup.
  • One can use it as an IDE tool for almost 60 languages and scripts which makes it a one-stop application to use any language.
  • Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery Software and select a drive in the Wizard Mode to launch a scan .

It is written in C++ and uses powerful editing components Scintilla, Windows 32 API call, and STL which makes it efficient but Windows-only software. This snap works across Linux Distros like Ubuntu, Redhat, OpenSuse, CentOS, and Fedora. Furthermore, Notepad++ can be extended through the use of plugins that provide extra functionality or improvements to the existing features. For those looking for a versatile text editor and source code editor, you cannot go wrong with Notepad++. The project is hosted on, from where it has been downloaded over twenty million times. To display and edit text and programming language source code files, Notepad++ uses the Scintilla editor component.


If you are looking for Notepad or WordPad equivalent on Mac then TextEdit is a two in one solution that provides all features of Notepad/WordPad and even more. If you right click on the tab with the name of the file and click on Open Containing Folder in Explorer it will open Wine Explorer. If you click on Open Containing Folder in cmd it will start DOS prompt . Python Debugger in Visual Studio CodeIf you working with AngularJS its extension comes with common JavaScript snippets so you don’t need to type the same code over and over again. If you are a developer then you have to try Visual Studio Code.

How do I recover deleted files on Windows 10?

I am using multiple table options to save the code and there is no limit to multiple tabs. There is an option to change the language like Java, Unix, or SQL and automatically do the formatting of code, this makes complex code understanding very easy. Using Macros help me to automate many companies’ repetitive work.